Today's Gospel

Thursday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time

‘You are the Son of God!’


But he warned them strongly not to make him known.

Recently Departed

We are sad to announce the death on the 23rd of December 2020 of 

Mr Ronald McEwan Alexander RIP,

husband of Frances who worshipped at Sacred Heart Church for over 30 years.

Ronald will be buried today 21st January at Kiln Lane Cemetery

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Next Live-Streamed Service

Friday 22nd January

Rosary followed by Mass

from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Inspirational Words from the Community

(Who knows how the breath comes to a mothers womb)
Ecclesiastes 11: 5

Who helped deliver your child Mary?
Was it one of the servant girls from the Inn?
Maybe it was the Landlord's wife.
The barn must have been filled with the smell
of cattle and sheep; and were there chickens
scratching in the earth?
And field mice nesting in the sweet scent
of warm hay?

Did you suffer as you waited for the Son of God
to come forth from your womb?
Or did your immaculate conception free you
from the pain of child-birth?
Not for you then medication to speed up labour
and increase contractions;
or an epidural to ease the pain.

Did you experience the common complications
of delivery when labour doesn't progress
as would be desired?
Did you have to push the Eternal Word into being?
And did Joseph stand praying for a safe delivery?
Or was it like light passing through glass
without harming the glass?
Perhaps it would have been better in a clean,
clinical space, with entonox available;
and a team of experts on hand with a variety
of skills in child-birth.

But then it would have lost something
of its wonder and mystery.
But I can't stop thinking of Joseph
popping the champagne cork,
and arranging flowers and cards on the bedside table.

By Harvey Martin

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the catenian  association

The Catenians are an association of Catholic laymen who are committed to their Faith, their families, to those in need and to each other. Their primary purpose is to establish a network of friends, which enhances their family life,

strengthens their Faith and sustains them in difficult times.

They support each other, the Catholic Church, young people

and those in need. 

Their friendships are developed through meeting together

locally once a month and enjoying a varied programme

of social events together with their families and the

widows of Members.

Denver Dias

Local Contacts 

Tel: 01344 845323 

David Arundale

Tel: 01344 628666 

The Local Circle is Ascot & Sunningdale and meets on the

first Monday of the month at the Berystede Hotel, Ascot.

Under Coronavirus restrictions, the meetings are suspended, and are being held via Zoom.

Recently Departed

Thomas Patrick Salmon

Born 7th January 1926
Died 26th December 2020

Fr John Martin Troy RIP

Born 27th February 1937
Died 20th November 2020

Sharon Moncur RIP

Born 13th February 194
Died 7th November 2020

Mr. Patrick Dolan RIP

Died 19th June 2020

Fr. Anthony Wolstenholme RIP

Born 18th March 1924

Died 2nd May 2020

Ketty Lennan RIP

Born 9th January 1934
Died 28th April 2020

Elizabeth Reynolds RIP

Died 13th April 2020

Elvira Viaje Bucu RIP

Born 1970

Died 3rd April 2020

José Manuel Pardo-Seijas RIP

Born 22nd July 1936

Died 24th March 2020

The Church of the Sacred Heart is served by  the Verona Fathers (Comboni Missionaries) within the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton. Our Church offers the liturgical, sacramental and  pastoral services that a Catholic might expect.

There is a Pastoral Team responsible for the organization of all the aspects of the Church in different ministries. 

We are fortunate enough to be able to provide good parking facilities; a hall and kitchen which are available for church-related activities; meeting rooms; toilets; access for the disabled; and a loop system for those with hearing difficulties.

The main house is home to a Community of Verona Fathers, one of whom, Fr. Julio  Ocaña, is charged with the pastoral care of all who attend Church here.

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