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Saint Barbara Cui Lianshi

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Barbara was born in 1849 in Xiaotian, Hebei, China. She married Andrés Ts'oei and had several children, two of them were seminarians and the other, Vicente married.


Barbara was a woman of solid Christian convictions, a soul of constant prayer and  who knew how to give a clean testimony of faith until the end.

When the persecution broke out, Andrés went to look for his children at the Seminary to find them a safer home. Barbara, her son Vicente, her daughter-in-law and several other people left the town in several carts, in one of which, Barbara managed to meet her husband.

A band of Boxers surrounded the cart in Ts'ien-Chheng-Tchoang and killed several of them, including his son and daughter-in-law who refused to apostatize. Andrés and Bárbara, in hiding, witnessed the martyrdom, and then fled.


But while her husband was able to escape, she fell into the power of the Boxers because of her malformed feet, and after being cruelly tormented she obtained eternal salvation. Her martyrdom took place in Qianshengzhuang, next to Liushitao, in Hebei province. Her husband returned to look for her body and gave her a suitable burial.


Of the faithful of his town, several were killed by the Boxers, including his son Vicente and his wife, but only she was included in the list of Martyrs.  

The arrival of the year 2000 marks the centennial of the First Martyrs of the Last Century, and the first known group of Orthodox Martyrs from China—a group who knew well the meaning of standing against the social tide of their day.


Some of the 222 Orthodox Martyrs of June 10/23, 1900, were direct descendants of the Russian Mission set up at the end of the Seventeenth Century, after Russia lost its Albazin outpost to Chinese forces.

Barbara was Canonized by Pope John Paul II on October 1st, 2000.

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Saint Barbara Cui Lianshi

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Saint Elizabeth of Schönau

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Saint Richard of Chicester

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Saint Romuald, Abbot



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sacred heart church -north view

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Sacred Heart Church - Inside View

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Crucifix - House Chapel

sacred heart church -north view
sacred heart church -north view