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The Alpha Course

As part of the strategic plan to become a Community of Disciples of Christ, sent out to make

Disciples, the Pastoral Team will introduce in our Community the Alpha Course.


Happy Easter

saint hermenegild

Hermenegild was the eldest son of Liuvigild and his first wife, Princess Theodosia, a Chalcedonian Christian. He was a brother of Reccared I and brought up an Arian. 

In 579, he married Ingund, the daughter of the Frankish King Sigebert I of Austrasia who was a Chalcedonian Christian. Her mother was the Visigoth Princess Brunhilda of Austrasia.


The twelve-year-old Ingund was pressured by Hermenegild's stepmother Goiswintha to abjure her beliefs, but she stayed firm in her faith.

Liuvigild sent Hermenegild to the south to govern on his behalf. There, he came under the influence of Leander of Seville, the older brother of Saint Isidore of Seville.

Hermenegild was converted to Chalcedonian Christianity. His family demanded for him to return to Arianism, but he refused.

Around then, he led a revolt against Liuvigild. Contemporary accounts attribute that to politics, rather than primarily religious differences.  He asked for the aid of the Byzantine Empire, but it was occupied with defending itself from territorial incursions by the Sasanian Empire. 

Hermenegild fled to Seville and when it fell to a siege in 584, he went to Córdoba. After Liuvigild paid 30,000 pieces of gold, the Byzantines withdrew and took Ingund and her son with them.

Hermenegild sought sanctuary in a Church. Liuvigild would not violate the sanctuary. He sent Reccared inside to speak with Hermenegild and to offer peace. That was accepted, and peace was made for some time.

Hermenegild was imprisoned in Tarragona and Toledo. During his captivity in the tower of Seville, an Arian Bishop was sent to Hermenegild for Easter but he would not accept the Eucharist from him.


King Liuvigild ordered him beheaded; he was executed on 13th April 585. He was Canonized in 1585. 

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Saints of the Week

Monday 12th April

Saint Teresa of the Andes

Tuesday 13th April:

Saint Hermenegild

Thursday 15th April:

Blessed Cesar de Bus

Friday 16th April:

Saint Benedict Joseph Labre

​Wednesday 14th April:

Blessed Lucien Botovasoa

Saturday 17th April: 

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha

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The liturgy, like the Church herself, cannot exist without a Community. For this reason, each Member who worships at the Sacred Heart contributes by putting their gifts at the service of the Community.
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