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A remarkable man with an extraordinary story

A remarkable man with an extraordinary story

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If this time has taught me anything

If this time has taught me anything

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Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans

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A Saint for the Digital Age


A computer geek who dedicated his life to Jesus,

Blessed Carlo Acutis

died in 2006 at the age of 15, but has already been beatified by the Church! His life is an inspiration to anyone wanting to embrace the digital age for evangelisation and catechesis.

Blessed Carlo Acutis

(3 May 1991-12 October 2006)

  • Italian Roman Catholic teenager born in London.

  • Best known for documenting Eucharistic miracles around the world and cataloguing them all onto a website that he himself created in the months before his death from leukemia.

  • He was noted

    • for his cheerfulness and

    • for his computer skills as well as

    • for his deep devotion to the Eucharist which became a core theme of his life.

Patron of youth and students

Yearly Feast day:

12th October

Carlo was beatified at

the Papal Basilica of

St. Francis of Assisi on

Saturday 10th October 2020

World Youth Day Magazine available free online

The Vatican has announced that the World Youth Day Magazine, highlighting the memories of World Youth Day (WYD) in Panama City in January 2019, is now available free online.

For Every Young Person  who wants   to be:

  • Connected to friends;

  • Committed to Christ and His Church & Commissioned for Mission;

  • Set on fire with the Holy Spirit.


 A Brooklyn girl’s poem is taking over the Internet.

The poem reads:

Today was the absolute worst day ever
And don’t try to convince me that
There’s something good in every day
Because, when you take a closer look,
This world is a pretty evil place.
Even if
Some goodness does shine through once in a while
Satisfaction and happiness don’t last.
And it’s not true that
It’s all in the mind and heart
True happiness can be attained
Only if one’s surroundings are good
It’s not true that good exists
I’m sure you can agree that
The reality
My attitude
It’s all beyond my control
And you’ll never in a million years hear me say
Today was a very good day