Pope's Intention
January 2022

For true human fraternity

"We pray for all those suffering from religious discrimination and persecution; may their own rights and dignity be recognized, which originate from being brothers and sisters in the human family".

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1 Steps for Action
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Art for Climate Change

Thank you to our young artists for your inspirational work .

Prayer for Peace in Ethiopia and Eritrea
SHC - 19.Nov.2021

season of creation logo_edited.png
From September 1st to October 4th 2021 Christian Churches throughout the world are celebrating the wonderful gift of creation. The theme this year is “A Home for All? Renewing the oikos of God”
In the Genesis story of creation, God set a dome over the Earth. The word ‘dome’ is where we get words such as ‘domicile’ and ‘domestic’ from. The writer wants to explain that God has put all people, all life under the same domed roof and that we are all in the house, the
oikos of God. God made all human beings co-partners in creation with the ministry of taking care and cultivating this oikos of God, where all are equal members although each has a  different role.
While this
oikos of God is a home for all without exception, we see that it is now in grave danger because of greed, exploitation, disrespect and systematic degradation. At the Sacred Heart Church, having spent time studying the Pope’s Encyclical "Laudato Si’ . Care of our Common Home", we would like to create awareness in our midst about the need to take action in favour of the care of Mother Earth.

COVID-19: Guidance for the safe use of places of worship


We continue to worship in our churches under Tier 4 restrictions

  • social distancing

  • the use of masks 

  • sanitising hands on leaving and entering the church

  • stay home if you have any symptoms

  • stay home if you have been in close contact with anyone who has symptoms

  • follow the guidance of the stewards

the 3rd and latest encyclical letter

by pope francis

"fratelli tutti"

"In English, it can be read as

‘All Brothers’, ‘Brethren all’ or ‘Brothers and sisters all’.

The first words of the new ‘circular letter’,

or Encyclical as we know it,

come from 

St Francis of Assisi ".

The Encyclical Letter was signed in Assisi on the Feast of

St Francis on 3rd October 2020.

Pope Francis: How I am living through the Covid-19 pandemic


Discover why this papyrus that  contains the oldest Marian prayer known to date

is important for the church

A Natural Girl

L O C K  D O W N


Yes there is fear.

Yes there is isolation.

Yes there is panic buying.

Yes there is sickness.

Yes there is even death.



They say that in Wuhan after so many years of noise 

You can hear the birds again.

They say that after just a few weeks of quiet

The sky is no longer thick with fumes

But blue and grey and clear.


They say that in the streets of Assisi

People are singing to each other

across the empty squares,

keeping their windows open

so that those who are alone

may hear the sounds of family around them.


They say that a hotel in the West of Ireland

is offering free meals and delivery to the housebound.


Today a young woman I know 

is busy spreading fliers with her number 

through the neighbourhood 

so that elders may have someone to call on.


Today Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and Temples 

are preparing to welcome and shelter the homeless,

the sick, the weary.


All over the world people are looking at their neighbours

in a new way.

All over the world people are awake to a new reality

To how big we really are.

To how little control we really have.

To what really matters.


To Love.


So we pray and we remember that:

Yes there is fear.

but there does not have to be hate.

Yes there is isolation

but there does not have to be loneliness.

Yes there is panic buying

but there does not have to be meanness.

Yes there is sickness

but there does not have to be disease of the Soul.

Yes there is even death

but there can always be a rebirth of Love.


Wake up to the choices you make as to how to live now.

Today, breathe.

Listen, behind the factory noises of your panic

The birds are singing again

The sky is clearing

Spring is coming

And we are always encompassed by Love.


Open the window of your Soul

And though you may not be able

to touch across the empty square



Brother Richard Hendrick, a Capuchin Friar based

in Dublin, wrote the poem in response to the ‘Lockdown’

imposed by the Government in Ireland to combat the threat

posed by the Coronavirus Pandemic

Stay healthy and well

Wash our hands
Stay home
Practice Risilience
Sanitize our homes
Care for others
Use and throw
Protect ourselves
Take hot drinks
Care for nature

A story that speaks of hope