Alpha Course at Sacred Heart Church

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the 'jam jar appeal'

On Sunday 26th April 2021 Fr. Julio received with gratitude

a cheque for £6,363.89p from Mr. Tony Berkeley

of the Knights of St. Columba in South Ascot.

The 'Jam Jar Appeal' started on the Second Sunday of

Advent in November 2020.

The proceeds will be sent in their entirety to Mrs. Magdalena Soboka and her 'Foundation for Street Children' in Hawassa (Southern Ethiopia)

Our thanks to the Knights of St. Columba for their invaluable collaboration in the organization and the running of this Appeal,

and to Fr. Kevin Bidgood, the Parish Priest of St. Francis Parish in Ascot, for his generous support.

The Vision of the


Sacred Heart Church

"The Sacred Heart Church is a

community of disciples

passionate about proclaiming Christ and

bringing people to a closer relationship with Him

so as to experience

the beauty of His presence in their own lives

and to respond to his call to serve and

transform the society in which we live.


Our identity as followers of Christ leads us to offer our talents and resources, to joyfully celebrate the mysteries of salvation and so grow in our discipleship to the Lord."

A Missionary Church

The very nature of the Church is to be missionary.

Our Community expresses this missionary dimension by our prayer and solidarity:


with the most needy peoples of the world; 

with those societies or human groups that have not received the Gospel message; and 

with those who having known Christ have left the Church. The month of October has a special missionary meaning:

We pray for the spreading of the Gospel and give our financial support to the missionary endeavours of the Church.

We promote missionary values that may help us bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our own families and to our places of work.